Righteous transference

Over the past several years, we have seen a “performance renaissance” happening in the Los Angeles contemporary art community. A groundswell of energy has given rise to a range of vibrant and engaging performance-oriented activities held in galleries, museums, project spaces, warehouses, and the studios and homes of artists. In spite of this development, however, there has not been a serious, sustained effort to document or comment on what’s happening out there.

Another Righteous Transfer! is a blog devoted to documenting and exploring the performance art scene in the greater LA area. Its content includes reviews, commentary, interviews with artists, photos, links to videos, and occasional notices of upcoming events. I am the main blogger as well as the editor in chief. I’ll be tapping other writers to do guest blogs as frequently as possible—a plurality of voices is key to this endeavor. My hope is that this blog can become a space for archival information as well as ongoing community dialogue about the time-based art that is happening in our midst, as we speak.

* Thank you to NATHAN BOCKELMAN and ERIC SVEDAS, whose brilliant Feel NRG performance inspired the title of this blog.

** To get in touch with me, please send email to ccheh at hotmail dot com.

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  1. Hi Carol,

    I stumbled upon your blog today — love it!

    You’re so lucky to be in a world like Los Angeles! My world, Second Life, has amazing performance art possibilities – just last week I was in bed with Eva & Franco Mattes – but it can also be mired in parochial art attitudes.

    IDK if your world and mine will ever have a chance to collide, but I’ll definitely follow your blog with excitement.

    I did just learn about one person in your area… I suppose it’s more “mixed reality” than “performance art,” but kind of an interesting hybridic piece:


    Congratulations / best wishes / keep up the good work!

    — Vaneeesa

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