New year, new stuff

Emily Lacy at LACMA

Welcome back from winter hibernation, everyone. I’m still groggy from my Tuesday night redeye flight back to LA, but trying my best to get into the swing of all things art.

A friend of mine recently met the director of a new performance art space, Pieter PASD, now open in Lincoln Heights. I do not know anything about it beyond that, but their menu of upcoming shows, lecture demos, screenings, and something called “vast landscape,” which purports to gather “live bodies and live sound in an open improvisation based on P.S. 122’s Open Movement,” certainly looks intriguing.

The venerable Marshall Astor has declared that Emily Lacy’s Temples of the Mind is the best thing going in LA at the moment. You have until Jan. 31 to bask in the glow.

And finally, most of you probably already know about the amazing program of performance, experimental sound, and continuing education taking place at Sea and Space Explorations in Highland Park. But it certainly bears repeating. Next up: Asher Hartman’s Bad Thing: A Dark Performance Play.

Asher Hartman's upcoming performance play and installation at Sea and Space Explorations

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