Going Tubular!

Eamonn Fox, Burlington Coat Factory,
2009, ink on wood

ART! has been rather quiet lately, and the reason is that its principal blogger (me) has been consumed with the coordination of another project—Tubular!, a show of CSU Long Beach MFA candidates curated by postmodern Renaissance man Doug Harvey. The Long Beach bobsled/artmaking team will hit the big time next week, as Tubular! opens at the Pacific Design Center on Thursday, March 25, 5–8pm, along with all the other galleries and projects participating in the PDC’s Design Loves Art program.

To justify this Tubular! plug, I am pleased to announce that the opening will feature a performance by artists Eamonn Fox and Patrick Ballard. The two will crawl into a gold lamé ball, consume large amounts of beer, slowly take off their clothes, punch holes through the ball, and repair the holes with their clothes. Part sweat lodge and part college drinking game, this male bonding exercise extraordinaire should liven up what already promises to be an awesome evening of art merriment. To get a sense of the rest of Eamonn’s practice, check out the above artwork, which will have a place of prominence in the PDC’s “CoolSchool” Suite B239. More artworks from this amazing show can be viewed after the jump.

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