Hi Fashion $9.99, Mustache Monday at La Cita, Downtown Los Angeles, August 9, 2010

Hi Fashion $9.99 continues to ah-ah-amaze. The collective’s takeover last night of Mustache Mondays, an underground dance party at downtown’s La Cita, was stylish and encompassing, effortlessly embedding itself into the funkily jubilant groove of the club. The evening included logo flags hanging from the rafters, iconic sixties movie The Blow Up projected on the stage, and dancers in Warhol wigs keeping the party going all night long.

The featured performance, with lead singer Jen DeMartino backed by a Factory-like troupe of costumed performers, was brief but made a big impression. It started with a striped fabric curtain, in the center of which had been sewn a collar and several small sleeves. Presently, DeMartino poked her head through the collar to sing the group’s signature song, “Amazing.” Several pairs of gesticulating hands joined her at the chorus. When the song was done, the curtain was removed to reveal the full group in costume and makeup that seemed to be inspired this time by Kabuki theater and that creepy girl from The Ring movie. They sang and vogued their way through a handful of numbers, taking the crowd along on a fantastic sixties acid trip. Musically, they seem to have gotten stronger and tighter since the last time I saw them at LACE, which bodes well for their already-bright future.

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