Yes, we will be heard

The Onion, North Hills

Saturday, December 11, 7 to 10 pm: François Ghebaly Gallery hosts Telephone, a night of performance, poetry, sound art, and collaborations. Mathew Timmons, [name], and 323 Projects are among the instigators.

Saturday, December 11, 8 to 10 pm: Vincent Ramos, who organized the wonderful 1969 show at the old Dan Graham location, continues his investigation of that pivotal year with his latest curatorial effort, Chasing Shadows, an evening of performance inspired by the influential 1935 novel and subsequent 1969 movie, They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? One catch: it’s in the Valley. But DON’T let that deter you. First, 1969 was one of the more memorable shows from last year, and Chasing Shadows looks to be no less so, particularly with its highly relevant theme of Depression-era desperation and exploitation. Second, the show is going to take place in The Onion, an architectural wonder that served as the site of the first Los Angeles acid test back in 1966. Trust me, the long drive out to North Hills will be worth it.

Sunday, December 12, 7 to 10pm: Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know all about the big David Wojnarowicz censored video flap that’s taking the Smithsonian down in flames. The good news is, it’s also galvanizing the good people of the national art community like nobody’s business. workspace in Lincoln Heights will show the original 13-minute version of the censored video, followed by Skyped-in remarks from Hide/Seek co-curator Jonathan Katz. You can also see the video at CB1 Gallery downtown through December 12, and at the Hammer through December 17.

Ann Magnuson Does David Bowie!
Vaginal Davis dejecta/protecta performance!
You’ll be glad you did!!

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