Renée van Trier, A LITTLE BIT OF TASTY CHINA, OH MY GOSH!!!, California State University, Long Beach, April 10, 2011

The amazing Renée van Trier gave her final West Coast performance (for now) this past Sunday at Cal State Long Beach. If you missed it, treat yourself to complete video footage below, as well as some great still photographs after the jump.

On YouTube, you can watch all of her Spring 2011 California performances—at HiLite, at Pieter PASD, at Human Resources, at CSULB, and at two venues in San Francisco—along with others she’s done all over the world.

Renée returns to her native Holland today. She will be missed!

If you made it this far, below are a couple of bonus images for you: Renée’s installation at Eamonn Fox’s NEON Gallery.


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