By Popular Demand: This Week’s Performance Picks!

Andrea Fraser performing May I Help You? (1991)

I was at a house party a few nights ago when a friend of mine said to me, “You know, I love your blog, but really it should be called Another Righteous Tease, because I’m always reading about cool events that have already passed, and that I had no idea were going to happen….”

OK fine. You want event listings, you got ’em, Catherine (and the six other people who chimed in with you).

THIS WEEK: William Leavitt directs a performance of his 1977 play, Spectral Analysis, at MOCA Grand Avenue on Thursday night at 6:30pm, in conjunction with his wonderful retrospective exhibition there. There will be a repeat performance on Sunday at 3pm. Friday night from 7:30 to 10:30pm, The Poetic Research Bureau presents readings by Camille Roy, Jen Hofer, and Harold Abramovitz at The Public School. The legendary Andrea Fraser performs a new, site-specific version of her classic work, May I Help You?, at the Mak Center on Saturday from 2 to 6pm (the performance leads you through the Schindler House and takes about 30 minutes; I believe she’ll be cycling through it continuously during the 4-hour time frame). From 3 to 6pm Saturday, Les Figues Press hosts its third annual Garden Party, featuring readings by Renee Petropoulos and Jen Hofer, and a mini-fashion show by Kate Durbin. At various times on Saturday afternoon/evening, Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre will perform A Gallerina’s Guide at LACMA; at this time, there are only a few tickets left for the 8:30 show. And finally, performance artist Paul Pescador opens a solo show at Human Resources on Saturday night from 7 to 10pm.

JUST FOUND THIS: As if this Saturday night weren’t completely overloaded already, Variedades, a performance salon hosted by Rubén Martínez, happens at The Echo at 5pm.

2 Responses to “By Popular Demand: This Week’s Performance Picks!”

  1. Catheirne Says:

    Ccheh you continues to deliver the PREMIER artblog in Los Angeles! Thank you for the listings. Now my question is, which to choose….?!

  2. I am most looking forward to the Andrea Fraser performance (I caught her talk last night and saw the video version of the same piece, it’s soooooooo brilliant) and the Leavitt play (his show at MOCA is lovely, a poem to Los Angeles, a perfect show for MOCA and for our city, I have no idea what the play will be like but can’t wait to find out). I’ve seen the Duckler piece before in a rawer version, it’s good, they are an amazing dance company that does site-specific works throughout LA, worth checking out in the future if you can’t get in to see this one.

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