Magic, Money, and Dérives: This Week’s EVENTS

An odd little collection of performative events coming up this week. This Thursday at 8pm, renowned magician Derek Del Gaudio will present #derekshowlive, presumably a magic act, at LAXART; RSVP to samara at if you want to go. If disappearing rabbits are not your thing, you can support a key LA performance venue by attending the 2011 LACE Benefit Auction happening the same night at 6pm; tickets however are $50 in advance and $75 at the door. On Friday night at 8pm, Hana van der Kolk recommends that you check out Sara Juli’s The Money Conversation, in which the New York performance artist will give away her life savings to the audience. Unfortunately, you’ll have to drive all the way to Riverside to claim your share. Finally, on Saturday afternoon starting at 3pm, you can participate in a dérive at the Silverlake Jubilee with Adam Overton and crew.

Well, I’m probably not going to any of the above, for various reasons. My personal performance pick for the weekend is a private event on Friday night, which I can’t publish because it’s private. But if all goes well, you’ll read about it soon enough.

OK, here are a couple of bonus plugs for the hell of it. I like what they’re doing at The Hi-Lite space right now (opening Saturday night 7-10pm). The Vincent Price Art Museum is having an exciting Grand Re-Opening on Saturday, 6-8pm. And, if you want to see yours truly sitting on an esteemed panel of critics-who-also-curate (yikes), come to Beacon Arts Building on Sunday afternoon, starting at 2pm.

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  1. This always happens. I hear about cool events after I’ve posted my listings for the week. This weekend, two very promising events at REDCAT: Butoh dance on Friday night ( and experimental studio Sunday and Monday night (

  2. And… Pieter PASD just announced an apocalypse-themed variety show for Saturday night (, the day that some swear the world will end. I’ve also just been notified of a super-cool Butoh symposium at UCLA this weekend, that will also be live-streamed (

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