Song and Song: This Week’s EVENTS

Following a couple of life glitches including a computer breakdown and a nasty bout of stomach flu, ART! will soon get back on track with postings of actual substance. In the meantime, here are two important performance picks for this week. TONIGHT at the new LAXART Annex in Hollywood, catch the premiere of Brian Butler’s Images and Oracles, with a performance at 8pm. SATURDAY NIGHT, I am incredibly excited about Actual Size’s epic event, 12:12 Song, in which over 40 artists and musicians will perform works of sound between the hours of midnight and noon the next day. Some of my favorite artists will be performing, including Karen Adelman, Danielle Adair, and Corey Fogel. Should be killer. The public is encouraged to improvise with the artists, and breakfast will be served at 8am!

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