EVENTS: Living in Performance

Debating Through the Arts, happening at 18th Street this Saturday

Human Resources is kicking some serious ass these days. Check out this multi-phase live-in residency and performance/exhibition series, which begins its public run this Thursday. Also on Thursday, drop by the intriguingly conceptualized Unfinished Paintings show at LACE before heading over to see some experimental performances at The Hobby Shop in Highland Park.

Saturday is another one of those days when apparently everyone in the universe has decided to schedule their event. Remember the great Artist Bailout concept, which I wrote about a year ago? There’s another one happening this Saturday from 5 to 8pm. At the same time, a tempting set of summer exhibitions opens at Paredon Blanco. From 6 to 10pm, 18th Street Art Center presents a culminating event for a long-term performance dialogue, Debating Through the Arts. This coincides with 18th Street’s Hot Summer Night, a big shindig featuring performances, a poetry slam, open studios, and more. Meanwhile, back in Highland Park, Nancy Popp continues her quest to “rupture and reframe interior architectural spaces” at Kristi Engle Gallery, from 8 to 10pm.

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