Queering EVENTS

The schedule for Queering Sex, probably the most anticipated performance event of the summer, is finally out, so check it and be sure to go. It’s a multifarious event occurring over eight days at Human Resources, with lots of performances and a video program, so there’s no excuse for not going to at least one performance or screening. P.S. They’re still in need of a few hundred bucks of funding, so please give if you can.

Other notable events this weekend include a screening of video art by Claremont grads, the Anarchist Book Fair, Ann Magnuson performing in the sold-out “Seduction of Ingmar Bergman” musical at Ford Ampitheatre, a table reading of William Leavitt’s Pyramid, Lens, Delta at MOCA, and an evening of video work curated by artist Michele O’Marah.

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