A “film-formance” and many other EVENTS

Nao Bustamante

The lazy days of summer are definitely upon us (as evidenced by my still-unwritten William Leavitt blog post… one of these days, I’ll get to it), but that doesn’t mean there’s any shortage of cool things to do. If anything, the LA art world seems even busier during the summer these days, go figure.

Thursday begins with the opening reception for Liz Glynn’s ALEXANDRIA and other Losses, a new project that meditates on the destruction of libraries; it’s part of the Works Sited series at the LA Public Library downtown. For those who were heartbroken to miss last Saturday’s sold-out Outfest screening of The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye, Cinefamily is screening it again. And the art world’s favorite Legends of Air Guitar, The Bride of Rock and The Rockness Monster, will put on a special halftime show at this year’s LA Regional Air Guitar Championships.

On Friday and Saturday night, Meg Wolfe highly recommends that you check out Heavens What Have I Done, a performance by visiting New York artist Miguel Gutierrez. Saturday is a big night for performance art at Outfest; Human Resources puts on an event at 5, followed by a Nao Bustamante “filmformance” at 7:30 (both at REDCAT), then a huge after-party at the Alexandria Hotel. Of all the events worth braving Carmageddon for, this would be it. Also on Saturday night, the fabulous Emma Gray HQ opens its final (and most ambitious) project; the Heretics Television Workshop at Monte Vista Projects sounds really interesting; and Killsonic will rock out until the wee hours at Del Monte Speakeasy.

It doesn’t stop there. Sunday afternoon, Dan Graham discusses John Lautner at LACMA. Sunday night, Math Bass closes out the weekend with a performance at Overduin & Kite. And on Tuesday, artist Kathrin Burmester organizes a community discussion on the massive upcoming Pacific Standard Time project, as part of PØST’s July Kamikaze Exhibitions.

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