Chain Letter, organized by Christian Cummings and Doug Harvey, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, July 22–August 26, 2011

The end of the line to deliver/install artworks

Chain Letter was a pretty nutty, sometimes euphoric affair. Check out my blow-by-blow account on the LA Weekly Style Council blog, and see below for pictures and additional details that I couldn’t squeeze into that article. There are also tons more postings from various peoples on the Facebook event page. And, check out the brand new Chain Letter international website.

Eamonn Fox's contribution

Richard Newton documents install day

The art delivery check-in table

Josh Logan kisses his John
Baldessari body pillow

The show continues well outside the
confines of the galleries

Yes, this guy was spinning at the opening. Couldn't get a straight answer out of him re: whether he was hired by the gallery. Guess that means no.

Christen Sperry-Garcia, left, and her ongoing Nationwide Museum Mascot Project (NWMMP), done in collaboration with Brian Dick

I really dig these guys, whoever they are

At $10 apiece, Carleton Cristy's souvenir
t-shirts sold like hotcakes.

Lee Lynch and a creature

Keith Walsh Experience!

Kate Durbin says yes

Someone made a whole box of
Ai Weiwei trading cards.

Courtesy of Doug Harvey

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