Perform… ?

Hana van der Kolk's Vessels
Photo: Don Lewis

I hate to say this, but this year’s Perform Now/Perform Chinatown event, happening on Saturday between 6pm and midnight, is a total clusterbomb in terms of scheduling/PR. There doesn’t seem to be a central schedule in place, in fact the Perform Now website, while emblazoned with the date 2011, still features last year’s schedule as of this writing. Apparently, as often happens in LA, everyone has decided to go off and do their own thing, organization be damned.

This means that many people who want to experience Perform Whatever this year will have to take a leap of faith and wander around Chinatown for the evening, trusting in serendipity. Those who like to have a little more structure to their evening (like yours truly) must rely on a slew of Facebook event pages, each put out by individual galleries in Chinatown. Classic!

Below are some links for your convenience, I’m sure there are more that I missed, you can probably make up the difference by visiting the websites of your favorite venues in Chinatown and seeing what’s up. The good news is that a lot of it looks good/promising…

• Actual Size will host an arm wrestling championship
The Saffron Green is a space opera that begins at Human Resources then moves into the streets
• The Company hosts Stephen Neidich
• Jancar Gallery hosts six individual performances
• JB JURVE has Christian Jendreiko and Team Zatara
Perform Wow!, involving about 20 artists, will happen at Small Form Space
Material Utterances, an evening of performance and music, will go down at Human Resources
• Corey Fogel, Aaron Wrinkle, and Margaret V. Haines will do a tribute to Cameron at an undetermined location.
Infinite Body (Kyle Parker) will perform at Young Art.
• More links can be found on this general event page.

AND THERE ARE OTHER NOTEWORTHY EVENTS HAPPENING THIS WEEKEND TOO. PØST has been kicking ass as usual with its July Kamikaze series, and Friday night should be no exception, as Nathan Bockelman delves into the neurotic world of the doppelganger. And on Saturday afternoon, the wonderful Hana van der Kolk premieres her Vessels dance piece at the Hammer on Saturday at 2 and 5pm. Definitely worth catching!

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  1. Hi,
    thank you for the post. I completely agree with your general position that there is very little actual collectivity with so much art stuff in L.A. . Sure there are small collectives of artist, but when it comes to the larger community of artists, or even an event, its pretty minuscule. I actually started the perform site to try to get a single information site to go to for what i saw as a really cool event, but i wasnt even sure what this event was called? is it Perform Now? Perform Chinatown? I am not an artist or work with in arts, but a fan of performance art. Either way thanks for the post and i have gone ahead and culled information from Facebook Events Sections for the updated schedule and updated the site.

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