Friday, Saturday, Sunday…

A few strong performance events are lined up for this weekend and beyond that deserve plugging.

Summercamp Project Project space in El Sereno presents a two-day extravaganza, Friday Night Lights and Sunday Afternoons. Friday night will see them playing host to performances from CamLab, Maya Gurantz, and visiting artist Liza Wade Green, while Sunday afternoon will be their usual reception for a group exhibition installed throughout their sprawling, eccentric midcentury home. Summercamp is always intriguing, but this one especially looks to be a don’t-miss event. For more info on Liza Wade Green’s performance, check out this blog post.

Also on Friday night, Dorian Wood presents Color From God-lung (Larkwat 1254), an “endurance-based opera,” at Human Resources in Chinatown. And also at Human Resources next Tuesday night, MGM Grand (Modern Garage Movement) presents a dance performance called NUT, which is currently touring the West Coast.

Not to be outdone, Les Figues Press presents a weekend-long summer literary festival called Both Sides and the Center at the MAK Center in West Hollywood. There will be a reading and reception on Friday night, followed by a suite of site-specific performances on Saturday night.

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