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Six Twelve One by One, the Saturday evening movement performance by six pregnant women choreographed by Emily Mast and Hana van der Kolk, has generated quite a bit of buzz in the community. Several people have approached me to ask what it was like. One of those people was John Burtle, who together with his friend Guan Rong puts on a radio show called “nooooooooooo” every Monday night on KCHUNG. After we talked, John decided to devote the other night’s show to live-calling several friends to discuss the performance. I participated along with Corey Fogel and Elana Mann. I thought the results were quite excellent so instead of writing a review I am providing a link to the archived show here. As a bonus, check out a few of my poorly lit photos while you are listening.

If you did miss the performance, which took place in the historic and architecturally unique Onion building in North Hills, don’t despair. Complete video footage was taken, not just of the performance but of rehearsals too, and a film is in the works.

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