Announcing “Performance Now” monthly show on KCHUNG Radio

Mutant Salon comes to KCHUNG. Photo by Young Joon Kwak.

Mutant Salon comes to KCHUNG. Photo by Young Joon Kwak.

The two-hour performance discussion that I organized for KCHUNG Radio about a week ago generated a ton of energy and discussion in our local community. So much so that it became clear to me that regular forums are needed for people to talk about performance art in Los Angeles.

As an initial effort in that direction, I am very pleased to announce the launch of Performance Now, a new hourlong radio show that takes place every third Sunday of the month from 5 to 6pm PT on KCHUNG. The title is a bit of a nod to Perform! Now!, which was the original, and much better, name for Perform Chinatown. Hosted by myself and John Tain, the show will include a mix of discussions, interviews, and on-air performances.

Performance Now had a soft launch yesterday when we welcomed our first guests, Young Joon Kwak and Marvin Estorga, who together make up the musical/performance sensation Xina Xurner. The two also run the Mutant Salon, a site for beauty and miscellaneous convergences, out of Young Joon’s studio at USC. You can listen to the archive of our show, in which we spin some Xina Xurner tracks and talk about the two artists’ practices and the origins of the band, all while Marvin cuts my hair on the air—and does an amazing job of it, I might add.

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  1. Really enjoyed the discussion. Look forward to your monthly show.

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