19 February 2014

“In the past few years, dance and museums have been engaged in a serious courtship. It’s not a new thing—they’ve had flings in the past, and the lines between dance and performance art have been blurred for decades. But what makes this wave of flirtations unique is the level of institutional attention (and resources) invested in identifying, presenting, and even acquiring performance-based work.” (Reference)

Working list: Dance and Choreography Within Art Contexts
(updated on Feb 25th)

The Whole by Jim Shaw. Video

Dance with Camera, Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), University of Pennsylvania. Dance with Camera is an exhibition and a screening program that explores a crossover between artists and dancers who make choreography for the camera. Reference

Pieter opens in Los Angeles. Pieter is a studio and performance laboratory for wild and rigorous experimentation in dance. The space provides a platform for local, national and international artists of all disciplines to explore their distinct and overlapping aesthetics and interests (Reference). Jan 2010, Los Angeles

Flora Wiegmann is a 2010 California Biennial artist at Orange County Museum of Art.

Move: Choreographing You at Hayward Gallery, London. The exhibition explores the historical and current relationship between visual artists and dance by presenting seminal works and new commissions by leading artist from the last 50 years (Reference).

Dancer sa vie, Centre Pompidou. Exhibition on the connections between the visual arts and dance, from the 1900’s to today. It presents the common interest of art and dance for the body in movement (Reference).

Anita Pace: DANCE HERE, HERE DANCE for “Art in the Parking Space” presented by LAXART (June and July 2011) (images; performance 1; performance 2)

Some sweet day, organized by Ralph Lemmon @ MOMA. A three-week program of dance performances by contemporary choreographers (Reference). Included work by Jérôme Bel, Deborah Hay, Sarah Michelson, Faustin Linyekula, Kevin Beasley, Dean Moss and Laylah Ali.

Sarah Michelson, choreographer, wins Whitney Biennial Bucksbaum Award.

Anita Pace, Field Activity (2012), part of “Welcome Inn Time Machine”
 (January 29, 2012)
for Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival. Project was inspired by documents describing Merce Cunningham’s Field Dances performance, 1963. (Reference & video)

CAP UCLA, Getty, and Hammer present Trisha Brown Dance Company. Including Roof Piece at the Getty, Floor of the Forest at the Hammer, Astral Converted at UCLA, and others at Royce Hall (March-April, Los Angeles)

“Dancing with the Art World,” organized by then MFA candidates, Brennan Gerard and Ryan Kelly at the Hammer Museum. A two-day event of conversations, lectures, and performances. The event set out to explore the intersections and overlaps between art and dance. (April, Los Angeles)

The first homeLA, a project and one-day event produced by Rebecca Bruno that combined site-sensitive dance with salon-style performance by local artists. (May, Los Angeles)

Flora Wiegmann performs Allay Alight (with undertow) with Alexa Weir at 356 Mission on May 24th (video).

Jay-Z dancing with Marina Abramović and RoseLee Goldberg in a Chelsea gallery with other art world onlookers for “Picasso Baby” on July 10th (Images).

Perform Chinatown 2013 included work by Scott Benzel with choreographer Anita Pace (Part Objects) and Ester Baker-Targaga, Hind Benali, Rebeca Hernandez and Allison Wyper (Novelty Acts).

The Stand In (Or A Glass Of Milk) at Public Fiction. Included performances by dancers Flora Wiegmann (with Alexa Weir) and taisha paggett (Sept-Nov, Los Angeles)

BASE: Session I, an experimental choreography exhibition at Human Resources (Oct, Los Angeles).

A Reading that Writes – a Physical Act II, Performance by Yael Davids with taisha paggett at REDCAT. (Dec, Los Angeles)

Kelly Nipper: Black Forest at Hammer Museum, including 11 performances by dancer Marissa Ruazol (Dec 2013-Feb 2014).

Sarah Michelson performs four of eight performances at the Whitney from Jan 24 to Feb 2.

Pablo Bronstein: Enlightenment Discourse on the Origins of Architecture at REDCAT from Jan 24 to March 15. Performances by dancers Jos McKain and Rebecca Bruno (Los Angeles)

Rae Shao-Lan and Simone Forti (with Tashi Wada): an Evening of Ice Bergs at Pieter on Feb 24.

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