Announcing Documents on Dance, a special guest residency by Chloë Flores

I am thrilled to announce the launch of Documents on Dance, a special yearlong guest residency by my talented colleague and friend Chloë Flores. Dance is an important part of the performative fabric of Los Angeles, where it enjoys a flirtatious and generative relationship with the visual arts, as well as an experimental freedom that is hard to find in cities renowned as centers for the dance mainstream. I have occasionally covered dance events on this blog before, but have long wished for some deeper and more sustained form of engagement. Chloë answered my prayers when she proposed this residency. I’ll let her explain the concept in her own words:

Documents on Dance (2014) is a year-long online research project, journal and public archive on dance in the expanding field of performance. This project positions curatorial research as an alternative form for documenting performance art in Los Angeles through, but not limited to: formal and informal interviews; edited notes from performances; conversations; passages from texts; margin notes; artist, performer, and dancer profiles; historical references and research; citations; bibliography; etc. The compilation of information will form the basis for an exhibition.

Stay tuned for DoD’s first post, coming later today!

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