Dorothy Hoover, The Hits Just Keep On Coming, PAM, March 14, 2014

Dorothy Hoover at PAM 006a

Brian Getnick, artist and organizer extraordinaire, has opened an important new space for performance and it’s called PAM. From Getnick’s own announcement:

PAM is the name of a small modular blue theater in Highland Park.
PAM performances are the result of 2-week long residencies in which artists have unlimited access to the theater space.
This year PAM is showing artists who migrate between theater and performance art, who evoke the theater in their work as a fictive territory to both explore and abandon and who treat its elements (lights, architecture, curtains, actors…) as resonant objects to be examined and played with.
For each artist we are making a unique object that becomes a part of PAM (a curtain, chairs, an architectural detail here or there…). At the end of the residency artists are invited to take the curtain with them to use in subsequent performances, bringing PAM‘s portals out into the world.

Dorothy Hoover at PAM 001a

PAM has completed two residencies to date. Last Friday evening I was able to view the fruits of Dorothy Hoover‘s residency, a short play called The Hits Just Keep On Coming. The play sought to evoke the moods and mythos of Hollywood through an impressionistic storyline involving a young man from Texas traveling to Los Angeles in search of his brothers. The acting was excellent and the stage direction successfully evoked the sinister lackadaisical-ness that is peculiar to L.A. I’m looking forward to seeing more of PAM’s offerings.

Dorothy Hoover at PAM 004a

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