Introducing ART!’s first INTERNS

This year, Another Righteous Transfer! is experimenting with institutional partnerships as a way to broaden the scope of this blog, incorporate new voices, and help mentor a new generation of arts writers. I am currently in talks with several local schools about ways to engage students with this blog, and if all goes well, the results should be rolling out slowly over the next year or two.

Artist and Otis College of Art and Design instructor Dorit Cypis got the ball rolling by accepting ART! as an internship site for her upper level undergraduate arts course in Public Engagement Skills. Thanks to Dorit, ART! has been working with Maia Lee, a painting and digital media major, and Andrew Chung, a photography major. Look for their contributions to the world of LA performance art writing, coming soon!

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  1. Rebecca Bruno Says:

    Yes! Good for you and ART!

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