Righteous transference

Over the last few years, we have seen a “performance renaissance” happening in the Los Angeles contemporary art community. A groundswell of energy has given rise to a range of vibrant and engaging performance-oriented activities held in galleries, museums, project spaces, warehouses, and the studios and homes of artists. In spite of this development, however, there has not been a serious, sustained effort to document or comment on what’s happening out there.

Another Righteous Transfer! is a blog devoted to documenting the performance art scene in the greater LA area. Its content includes reviews, commentary, interviews, photos, links to videos, and notices of upcoming events. My goal is for this blog to become a space for archival information as well as ongoing community dialogue about the time-based art that is happening in our midst, as we speak.

* Thank you to NATHAN BOCKELMAN and ERIC SVEDAS, whose brilliant Feel NRG performance inspired the title of this blog.

** To get in touch with me, please send email to ccheh at hotmail dot com.

7 Responses to “Righteous transference”

  1. Hi Carol,

    Erin Elder shared your blog with me a few months ago and it’s been great to keep an eye on. I wanted to let you know that we have a few exciting performance based projects coming up at our museum and I would be happy to send you an invitation, images, and more information. Here are the upcoming performances:

    Thursday, February 18, 7pm
    “Smash Down,” artist Jocelyn Foye (http://www.jocelynart.com/)

    Saturday, February 20
    8pm: Antoinette LaFarge and Robert Allen, “Hangmen Also Die” (http://www.forger.com/)

    ongoing beginning at 6pm: Barbara Berk, “Out of Line”

    Many thanks!

  2. Radical Blog,

    I’m curating a video screening inside a live performance show debuting this Friday…you should check er out! http://goathelper.com/


  3. Your blog is great. Thank you for doing this, much appreciated by the <>

  4. i wish you had a calender of all the events you go to…not so i can stalk you but because its so hard to find and keep track of good performances in LA.

  5. I’ve done listings off and on, admittedly I get lazy sometimes and just don’t do them. Also lately there haven’t been quite as many to post – I used to list several in one week and now there’s really only a couple going on from week to week. (Is this because the fall arts season has resumed the usual focus on objects and installations?) AND – people in LA are quite fond of only giving one day’s notice to events!

    It’s true that there’s no good, comprehensive source of performance art listings in LA. You have to cobble things together from Facebook invites, email blasts, and word of mouth. You can find some stuff via For Your Art and Notes on Looking – check those out if you haven’t already. I may also resume listings when the volume increases again.

    Thanks for reading!

  6. Hi Carol, I always enjoy reading your blog. Did you happen to come to my performance at the opening of Los Angeles Goes Live at LACE on Sept. 27? I don’t seem to have you on my email list despite the fact that you probably gave me your card way back when we had the convenings at LACE. I’d love it if you could write about my installation and video currently up at LACE and of course the opening night performance. Thanks.
    Cheri Gaulke

  7. Love this blog Carol. Thank you for everything you do for our community and bringing attention to great performance in LA!

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