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All kinds of labor afoot and it’s not even Labor Day

Posted in upcoming events on March 12, 2013 by Carol Cheh
Six Twelve One by One, a performance by Emily Mast and Hana van der Kolk. With Abbey O'Bryan, Emily Mast, Julie Clark, Leslie Stevens, Ruby Rain and Whitney Carter. Photo: Martin Dicicco.

Six Twelve One by One, a performance by Emily Mast and Hana van der Kolk. With Abbey O’Bryan, Emily Mast, Julie Clark, Leslie Stevens, Ruby Rain and Whitney Carter. Photo: Martin Dicicco.

I know this is random since it's been forever since I've posted about upcoming events. But I realized there are intriguing performances happening every night this weekend, so I might as well share the wealth.

Friday through Sunday, you can catch a new performance/lecture by Sara Wookey at Automata in Chinatown. Wookey is a dancer who gained a bit of notoriety two years ago by posting Open Letter to Artists, an eloquent statement of protest against art world labor standards as represented by Marina Abramović’s notorious 2011 MOCA Gala. This weekend’s performances will continue dialogues around dance practice and the economics of art. Seating is limited so get your advance tickets here.

An epidemic of pregnancy has recently overtaken the LA art world. I personally know 11 artists or dealers who have just given birth or are expecting soon. To commemorate the Great 2013 Baby Boom, artists Emily Mast and Hana van der Kolk have put together a choreographed evening of movement by pregnant women, to take place in the iconic Onion building in North Hills. RSVP here.

Finally, LAND will present its latest Nomadic Night on Sunday at Human Resources. The event will feature a performance by Anna Sew Hoy, Math Bass, and Claire Kohne. A poem will be read while a clay ball is rolled around on the floor; guests are encouraged to bring small items like pennies, shoestring, old cables, etc. that can be thrown on the floor to be picked up by the balls. RSVP by Thursday to rsvp at nomadicdivision dot org.


Look at these fucking artists

Posted in upcoming events on September 7, 2012 by Carol Cheh

Ready or not, yet another fall art season is launching as we speak. Amidst the massive onslaught of openings, parties, and happenings this weekend, there are two performance events worth noting: Richard Ibghy and Marilou Lemmens’ Real failure needs no excuse takes place at Monte Vista Projects tonight at 7:30, while Jibade-Khalil Huffman and Martine Syms will give performative lectures at Public Fiction on Sunday night at 8. ALSO, on a bittersweet note, the venerable Track 16 will be hosting a party on Saturday night from 6 to 11pm for the last show at their current Bergamot Station location, before it gets mowed down to make way for a rail station. The Adolescents, Saccharine Trust, and other punk bands will be playing live starting at 8.

Finally, check out the below series of art+anarchy conversations organized by Addie Vuitton as part of the LA Anarchist Bookfair this Saturday. Conversations will take place out on the balcony of the LA Municipal Art Gallery in Barnsdall Park. Willie Herrón just got added to the mural discussion. Should be fun!


Perform Chinatown, Jobriath, and much Wildness this weekend

Posted in upcoming events on July 19, 2012 by Carol Cheh


A pretty ridiculous amount of exciting performance stuffs happening this weekend.

I have mixed feelings about tonight’s Benjamin Millepied dance experiment in the galleries of MOCA. On the one hand, it sounds cool, on the other, I don’t want to even step foot near the toxic mess that is MOCA these days. There are no reservations whatsoever when it comes to Simone Forti however, who performs another of her News Animations tonight at Barnsdall Park. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make either of those events, as I’ll be at OCMA listening to Cal Arts dean Thomas Lawson give a talk about Jack Goldstein.

Forti will also make an appearance in Slanguage’s spoken word and experimental music fest at LAXART on Friday night, which promises to deliver the World’s Worst Words. The same night, Ann Magnuson will present a special glam rock performance at REDCAT in tribute to David Bowie and Jobriath, a tragically forgotten, openly gay 1970s glam rocker. Magnuson’s performance will be followed by the premiere of the Jobriath documentary (both are presented as part of Outfest).

Saturday is going to be a bit over the top. Perform Chinatown returns with new organizers Mat Gleason and Charlie James at the helm. The two definitely seem to have their shit together–they have snagged performance art legend Karen Finley to be the headliner in her first Los Angeles performance in over a decade, and they’ve put together a great-looking schedule that winds all over Chinatown and includes many of my favorite artists. At the same time, Wu Tsang, who’s had an amazing year being featured in both the Whitney Biennial and the New Museum’s triennial, will finally premiere his much-lauded Wildness documentary at the Directors Guild in West Hollywood, followed by what promises to be a wild after-party at Rasputin. Also on the west side, David Levine presents a performance at Blum and Poe. To really make this night a performance bender, head over to Pieter in Lincoln Heights after 9 to check out experimental music with Little Wings, Tara Jane Oneil, and Bouquet.

Performance tips this weekend

Posted in upcoming events on May 10, 2012 by Carol Cheh

Once again, there are a bunch of cool things happening this weekend that I feel compelled to inform you of.

FRIDAY NIGHT. Paul and Damon McCarthy open Rebel Dabble Babble at The Box. Go to this instead of the MOCA thing. Then, go check out an evening of recent choreographic works by Jil Stein, Alexa Weir, Samantha Goodman and Rebeca Hernandez at Pieter.

SATURDAY NIGHT. Danielle Adair, fresh off a successful performance and video presentation at Monte Vista Projects, will present a new spoken word piece, with musical accompaniment by Kelly Coats and Kathleen Kim (performing as SheKhan), as part of Eve Fowler’s residency at One Colorado in Pasadena. In a feat of last-minute resourcefulness, visiting New York artist Liz Magic Laser will present Preview, a brief but powerful performance, as part of her opening at Various Small Fires. And, please try to support our beloved LA Municipal Art Gallery by coming out for EAT. DRINK. ART., a multimedia extravaganza that will feature the work of many wonderful artists.

MONDAY NIGHT. Return to Pieter for another evening of experimental dance with niv Acosta, a transgender artist based in Brooklyn.

Places to Check Out, Things to Do

Posted in noteworthy, upcoming events with tags , , , on May 3, 2012 by Carol Cheh

Hot off the presses today is my long LA Weekly feature article, 25 Alternative Art Spaces to Check Out Now. (The Weekly has even helpfully provided a Google map.) This is a list of the more “underground” spaces that I like to frequent to see current work. Even though there are 25 spaces listed, it is still by no means comprehensive, and of course subject to my own personal tastes, preferences, and ability to remember the dozens and dozens of places I tend to visit. I await the volumes of hate mail complaints from places that I left out. Such is the writing life!

This coming weekend is also a really big one for performance. Starting tonight, two Paris-based artists will present Felix Goes to Hollywood at Human Resources, a lecture/performance inspired by the work of theorist Felix Guattari.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons, you can pop in on Emily Lacy’s Corpor, one of the final events to be held in Machine Project’s Transdimensional Hallway. Also spanning the weekend with performances is Andrew Berardini and Dave Muller’s Three Day Weekend at Public Fiction, capped by She’s Not There, the opening reception on Friday night. Also on Friday night, be sure to stop in and support Signify Sanctify Believe’s Spiritual Fundrager, a massive festival of enlightened activities held to finance a planned holy pilgrimage.

Image courtesy of Danielle Adair

On Saturday night, I’m excited to see one of my favorite artists, Danielle Adair, presenting new work at Monte Vista Projects, which has been truly jammin’ lately with awesome events.

Sunday you can recover from it all but still get an IV feed of good art/performance, and at the same time support an organization that really needs your help right now, by tuning in to the Art21 Telethon. Two New York artists that I’ve recently been super impressed by, Debo Eilers and Georgia Sagri, will be hosting.

Peace out Los Angeles!

Monte Vista and others this weekend

Posted in upcoming events on April 26, 2012 by Carol Cheh

Monte Vista Projects is the place to be this weekend, as John Burtle continues to organize his informal series of events and discussions. Friday night there will be new performances by Kate Gilbert, E.J. Hill, and Alise Spinella, while Sunday afternoon I’m happy to see our community continuing to pull public forums together, this time on the theme of “Antagonism and the Rules of Social Engagement,” moderated by Megan Hoetger and featuring discussants Dino Dinco, Sandra de la Loza, Chloe Flores, Elana Mann, and Matias Viegner. Both events look excellent.

Sadly however the Friday night performances conflict with a staging of Guy de Cointet’s Five Sisters at LACMA. What’s a girl to do, flip a coin perhaps? Other things worth checking out this weekend include: Saturday UCI Open Studios; the concurrent opening of UCI’s MFA thesis show with a performance by Sarah Beadle and a film by Paul Pescador; and the last chance to see the glorious mess made by New York artists Debo Eilers and Kerstin Brätsch at Various Small Fires. Sunday — the launch party for East of Borneo’s first book, Piecing Together Los Angeles: An Esther McCoy Reader, including a talk with book editor Susan Morgan and filmmaker Thom Andersen; and a performance of Dirges for Dead Malls at Machine Project.

Talking about performance

Posted in upcoming events with tags , , , on April 4, 2012 by Carol Cheh

There’s so much to talk about when we talk about performance. Back in January, Jennifer Doyle’s invigorating series of feminist seminars on performance seemed to uncork a flood of thoughts, inquiries, and emotions that had been bubbling through our community, in need of a shared public outlet. Lots of notable artists, writers, and scholars were in attendance, and the range of our discussions included theoretical points drawn from texts like Yvonne Rainer’s “No Manifesto,” larger questions about the nature of performance and its relation to institutions, and many personal testimonies from artists. Each seminar lasted 3-4 hours, which seemed too short. In LA, where there is so much to talk about but everyone is so separated by distance and various distractions, we are in dire need of public forums like this.

Doyle, a professor at UC Riverside, seems born to be a seminar facilitator and plans to instigate more of these community forums in the future. In the meantime, we have another exciting performance scholar, Shannon Jackson, visiting town from her post at UC Berkeley and giving a talk this Thursday night at MOCA Grand Avenue. The event is billed as a three-part series of talks on performance and social practice under the aegis of MOCA’s Engagement Party (although no mention is made as to the identity of the remaining speakers). Jackson is the highly respected author of Social Works: Performing Art, Supporting Publics, which is considered one of the definitive books on the subject. Don’t miss this chance to see her speak, and hopefully engage in some provocative group chat as well.