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Performance tips this weekend

Posted in upcoming events on May 10, 2012 by Carol Cheh

Once again, there are a bunch of cool things happening this weekend that I feel compelled to inform you of.

FRIDAY NIGHT. Paul and Damon McCarthy open Rebel Dabble Babble at The Box. Go to this instead of the MOCA thing. Then, go check out an evening of recent choreographic works by Jil Stein, Alexa Weir, Samantha Goodman and Rebeca Hernandez at Pieter.

SATURDAY NIGHT. Danielle Adair, fresh off a successful performance and video presentation at Monte Vista Projects, will present a new spoken word piece, with musical accompaniment by Kelly Coats and Kathleen Kim (performing as SheKhan), as part of Eve Fowler’s residency at One Colorado in Pasadena. In a feat of last-minute resourcefulness, visiting New York artist Liz Magic Laser will present Preview, a brief but powerful performance, as part of her opening at Various Small Fires. And, please try to support our beloved LA Municipal Art Gallery by coming out for EAT. DRINK. ART., a multimedia extravaganza that will feature the work of many wonderful artists.

MONDAY NIGHT. Return to Pieter for another evening of experimental dance with niv Acosta, a transgender artist based in Brooklyn.

Places to Check Out, Things to Do

Posted in noteworthy, upcoming events with tags , , , on May 3, 2012 by Carol Cheh

Hot off the presses today is my long LA Weekly feature article, 25 Alternative Art Spaces to Check Out Now. (The Weekly has even helpfully provided a Google map.) This is a list of the more “underground” spaces that I like to frequent to see current work. Even though there are 25 spaces listed, it is still by no means comprehensive, and of course subject to my own personal tastes, preferences, and ability to remember the dozens and dozens of places I tend to visit. I await the volumes of hate mail complaints from places that I left out. Such is the writing life!

This coming weekend is also a really big one for performance. Starting tonight, two Paris-based artists will present Felix Goes to Hollywood at Human Resources, a lecture/performance inspired by the work of theorist Felix Guattari.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons, you can pop in on Emily Lacy’s Corpor, one of the final events to be held in Machine Project’s Transdimensional Hallway. Also spanning the weekend with performances is Andrew Berardini and Dave Muller’s Three Day Weekend at Public Fiction, capped by She’s Not There, the opening reception on Friday night. Also on Friday night, be sure to stop in and support Signify Sanctify Believe’s Spiritual Fundrager, a massive festival of enlightened activities held to finance a planned holy pilgrimage.

Image courtesy of Danielle Adair

On Saturday night, I’m excited to see one of my favorite artists, Danielle Adair, presenting new work at Monte Vista Projects, which has been truly jammin’ lately with awesome events.

Sunday you can recover from it all but still get an IV feed of good art/performance, and at the same time support an organization that really needs your help right now, by tuning in to the Art21 Telethon. Two New York artists that I’ve recently been super impressed by, Debo Eilers and Georgia Sagri, will be hosting.

Peace out Los Angeles!

Monte Vista and others this weekend

Posted in upcoming events on April 26, 2012 by Carol Cheh

Monte Vista Projects is the place to be this weekend, as John Burtle continues to organize his informal series of events and discussions. Friday night there will be new performances by Kate Gilbert, E.J. Hill, and Alise Spinella, while Sunday afternoon I’m happy to see our community continuing to pull public forums together, this time on the theme of “Antagonism and the Rules of Social Engagement,” moderated by Megan Hoetger and featuring discussants Dino Dinco, Sandra de la Loza, Chloe Flores, Elana Mann, and Matias Viegner. Both events look excellent.

Sadly however the Friday night performances conflict with a staging of Guy de Cointet’s Five Sisters at LACMA. What’s a girl to do, flip a coin perhaps? Other things worth checking out this weekend include: Saturday UCI Open Studios; the concurrent opening of UCI’s MFA thesis show with a performance by Sarah Beadle and a film by Paul Pescador; and the last chance to see the glorious mess made by New York artists Debo Eilers and Kerstin Brätsch at Various Small Fires. Sunday — the launch party for East of Borneo’s first book, Piecing Together Los Angeles: An Esther McCoy Reader, including a talk with book editor Susan Morgan and filmmaker Thom Andersen; and a performance of Dirges for Dead Malls at Machine Project.

Talking about performance

Posted in upcoming events with tags , , , on April 4, 2012 by Carol Cheh

There’s so much to talk about when we talk about performance. Back in January, Jennifer Doyle’s invigorating series of feminist seminars on performance seemed to uncork a flood of thoughts, inquiries, and emotions that had been bubbling through our community, in need of a shared public outlet. Lots of notable artists, writers, and scholars were in attendance, and the range of our discussions included theoretical points drawn from texts like Yvonne Rainer’s “No Manifesto,” larger questions about the nature of performance and its relation to institutions, and many personal testimonies from artists. Each seminar lasted 3-4 hours, which seemed too short. In LA, where there is so much to talk about but everyone is so separated by distance and various distractions, we are in dire need of public forums like this.

Doyle, a professor at UC Riverside, seems born to be a seminar facilitator and plans to instigate more of these community forums in the future. In the meantime, we have another exciting performance scholar, Shannon Jackson, visiting town from her post at UC Berkeley and giving a talk this Thursday night at MOCA Grand Avenue. The event is billed as a three-part series of talks on performance and social practice under the aegis of MOCA’s Engagement Party (although no mention is made as to the identity of the remaining speakers). Jackson is the highly respected author of Social Works: Performing Art, Supporting Publics, which is considered one of the definitive books on the subject. Don’t miss this chance to see her speak, and hopefully engage in some provocative group chat as well.

PREVIEW: Nick & James at Highways in a Tribute, Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, Friday and Saturday, March 16 and 17, 2012

Posted in interviews, upcoming events with tags , on March 14, 2012 by Carol Cheh

Nick Duran, left, and Jmy James Kidd work out final details of their upcoming performance at Highways

I have almost zero knowledge of dance history or contemporary dance, so I thought I wouldn’t be qualified to write about Nick & James at Highways in a Tribute, a new collaborative dance work by Nick Duran and Jmy James Kidd. As it turns out however, I might be the perfect person to write about this show, and you might be too.

Both Nick and James are natives of California, but both have also done significant time as dancers in New York’s intensely concentrated contemporary scene. They describe the dancer’s life in New York as highly pressurized and full of the anxiety of influence: “You go to rehearsals constantly, and in those rehearsals people are always talking about what they’ve seen, and there is a lot to see in New York, and everyone knows every last reference that is being made in the dances, and everyone is critiquing them,” said James. “It’s really hard to find the mental space to make your own work there, not to mention the material challenges of finding affordable places to do your work.”

Nick and James, who met while dancing with noted choreographer Neil Greenberg (the “tribute” in the title is meant for him), both relocated to LA not too long ago, and both found LA’s relaxed, open atmosphere a huge relief, as well as a boon to their own creative processes. Here, they are able to work from themselves and from their memory of movements, perhaps working out past doubts in new ways, free from the incessant chatter and judgment of their dance world peers. They feel they can do anything here; they didn’t feel that way in New York.

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Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival Launches Tonight!

Posted in noteworthy, upcoming events with tags , , , on January 19, 2012 by Carol Cheh

Niki de Saint Phalle

The art world has gotten off to an uncharacteristically early and eager start this year. I’ve barely had time to catch my breath since getting off the plane from my vacation—and that was on New Year’s Eve.

As I write this, we’re only a couple of hours away from the official launch of the Pacific Standard Time Performance and Public Art Festival. Like all things PST, the festival, which runs through January 29 (with a few events continuing past that date), seeks to overwhelm. During a preview event at SoHo House last month, organizers Glenn Phillips and Lauri Firstenberg even said that they purposely overloaded the program so that people would have to choose between amazing events that conflict with each other. Evil, I tell you! Luckily the hardworking folks at ForYourArt have thoughtfully organized a team of correspondents, including yours truly, to report on the festival as it happens. This will include blog posts, reviews, live tweets, and so on.

I’ve already done a practice run of live tweeting to make sure I can actually use my new smartphone (yes I know, I was really late to that table). Check out my coverage of Tuesday night’s Kim Jones / Barbara Smith talk at LAXART, complete with photos, on my Twitter page. Last night I even downloaded Twitvid so that I can post videos of some events as they happen, woo!

There are a lot of great events coming up, but probably the one I’m most excited about is Tirs: Reloaded, a recreation of Niki de Saint Phalle’s shooting paintings organized by Yael Lipschutz. In 1962, Virginia Dwan invited de Saint Phalle to Los Angeles to create the first Tirs series outside of Europe. Enacted in Malibu and the Sunset Strip, the LA Tirs performances, which involved many artists and even Jane Fonda, were popular and emphasized the social and communal aspects of the piece.

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Three Things Not to Miss

Posted in upcoming events with tags , , , on January 4, 2012 by Carol Cheh

CamLab occupies the steps of City Hall, October 2011.
Courtesy of CamLab.

In between spending time with family and friends over the holidays, I had the distinct pleasure of working on #OccupyArt21, a two-week guest stint on the Art21 blog that began this past Monday and continues through next Friday. Ten LA-based artists/writers—ARLA (Elana Mann & Juliana Snapper), Teresa Carmody, myself, Dorit Cypis, Mikal Czech, Robby Herbst, Anna Mayer, Christy Roberts, Mathew Timmons, and Matias Viegener—each contribute a post a day that reflects on and embodies the Occupy movement, which we all support. The works are amazingly brilliant, reflecting the deep well of talent that thrives in Los Angeles. Of all the art projects I’ve worked on to date, I have to say this is the one that I am the most proud of.

I am also excited that CamLab, a performance collective for whom I’ve always had a special fondness, begins its MOCA Engagement Party residency this Thursday night at 7pm, at the Grand Avenue location. CamLab’s work blends visual and social engagement in provocative explorations of language, embodiment, and intimacy. Two more events are scheduled for February 2 and March 1.

Following on the heels of a highly successful public forum addressing the controversy stirred up by Marina Abramović and Yvonne Rainer around the 2011 MOCA Gala, Jennifer Doyle is organizing a three-part Feminist Seminar on Politics and Performance, taking place over three Sundays beginning this Sunday, 1-4pm, at Human Resources in Chinatown. Doyle, along with Dino Dinco and Matias Viegener, did a fantastic job of moderating the forum at LACE, keeping things on track while also providing provocative theoretical overlays to the discussion. The Feminist Seminar will definitely be a Don’t Miss event.

Kelly Kleinschrodt with Morgan Paros, theme and variations (for solo violinist and breast pump), Carter and Citizen, Culver City, September 10–October 22, 2011

Posted in reviews and commentary, upcoming events with tags on October 21, 2011 by Carol Cheh

I finally stopped by the new Carter & Citizen gallery, tucked in a pleasant corner of Culver City away from the main drags, to catch one of the daily performances that have been held there since the current show, Kelly Kleinschrodt’s distant already, opened over a month ago. Essentially, a recording of Kleinschrodt “playing” a breast pump—yes, a breast pump—is heard while Morgan Paros, a trained violinist, improvises a solo accompaniment.

The work’s loaded abstraction definitely speaks of John Cage and Fluxus, the latter of which has been an especially big influence on Kleinschrodt. Motherhood has been on the artist’s mind lately as she finds herself surrounded by the offspring of relatives and friends, and reaches an age where she has to make some motherhood decisions herself. The piece also touches on themes of embodiment and substitution, which have characterized Kleinschrodt’s still young body of work (she got her MFA from UCLA this year).

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Plunging into the tide

Posted in upcoming events on September 29, 2011 by Carol Cheh

Map of this Sunday's Trespass Parade. Courtesy West of Rome Public Art.

The LA art world is often overbooked, but it’s hard to imagine a crazier week and weekend than the one we’re in right now. The Pacific Standard Time juggernaut, its many related events, the much-anticipated launch of two new art fairs, and other random happenings that somehow got programmed in at the same time (West Hollywood Book Fair, this weekend? Really?) have us all buried under an avalanche of obligations, decisions, and for writers like me, the challenge of meeting deadlines with text that isn’t gibberish.

I would be remiss however if I didn’t point out some of the awesome performance art-related things that are happening now and in the coming days.

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Friday, Saturday, Sunday…

Posted in upcoming events on August 19, 2011 by Carol Cheh

A few strong performance events are lined up for this weekend and beyond that deserve plugging.

Summercamp Project Project space in El Sereno presents a two-day extravaganza, Friday Night Lights and Sunday Afternoons. Friday night will see them playing host to performances from CamLab, Maya Gurantz, and visiting artist Liza Wade Green, while Sunday afternoon will be their usual reception for a group exhibition installed throughout their sprawling, eccentric midcentury home. Summercamp is always intriguing, but this one especially looks to be a don’t-miss event. For more info on Liza Wade Green’s performance, check out this blog post.

Also on Friday night, Dorian Wood presents Color From God-lung (Larkwat 1254), an “endurance-based opera,” at Human Resources in Chinatown. And also at Human Resources next Tuesday night, MGM Grand (Modern Garage Movement) presents a dance performance called NUT, which is currently touring the West Coast.

Not to be outdone, Les Figues Press presents a weekend-long summer literary festival called Both Sides and the Center at the MAK Center in West Hollywood. There will be a reading and reception on Friday night, followed by a suite of site-specific performances on Saturday night.