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Places to Check Out, Things to Do

Posted in noteworthy, upcoming events with tags , , , on May 3, 2012 by Carol Cheh

Hot off the presses today is my long LA Weekly feature article, 25 Alternative Art Spaces to Check Out Now. (The Weekly has even helpfully provided a Google map.) This is a list of the more “underground” spaces that I like to frequent to see current work. Even though there are 25 spaces listed, it is still by no means comprehensive, and of course subject to my own personal tastes, preferences, and ability to remember the dozens and dozens of places I tend to visit. I await the volumes of hate mail complaints from places that I left out. Such is the writing life!

This coming weekend is also a really big one for performance. Starting tonight, two Paris-based artists will present Felix Goes to Hollywood at Human Resources, a lecture/performance inspired by the work of theorist Felix Guattari.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons, you can pop in on Emily Lacy’s Corpor, one of the final events to be held in Machine Project’s Transdimensional Hallway. Also spanning the weekend with performances is Andrew Berardini and Dave Muller’s Three Day Weekend at Public Fiction, capped by She’s Not There, the opening reception on Friday night. Also on Friday night, be sure to stop in and support Signify Sanctify Believe’s Spiritual Fundrager, a massive festival of enlightened activities held to finance a planned holy pilgrimage.

Image courtesy of Danielle Adair

On Saturday night, I’m excited to see one of my favorite artists, Danielle Adair, presenting new work at Monte Vista Projects, which has been truly jammin’ lately with awesome events.

Sunday you can recover from it all but still get an IV feed of good art/performance, and at the same time support an organization that really needs your help right now, by tuning in to the Art21 Telethon. Two New York artists that I’ve recently been super impressed by, Debo Eilers and Georgia Sagri, will be hosting.

Peace out Los Angeles!

Native Strategies journal launch, featuring a performance by Jmy James Kidd, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Hollywood, August 11, 2011

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Jmy James Kidd

It’s been an exciting week for performance art in our city. Following last Tuesday’s bar-setting event curated by The Action Bureau at Human Resources, LACE hosted a launch party for the Native Strategies journal, published as a complement to the Native Strategies series of curated performances.

Put together by the hard working team of Brian Getnick, Zemula Barr, and Molly Sullivan, the first issue of Native Strategies covers a series of performances that took place in the spring under the rubric of So Funny It Hurts. Artists Alice Cunt, Kale Likover, Nathan Bockelman, Lauren Weedman, Asher Hartman, Paul Outlaw, and Curt LeMieux were asked to present performances highlighting the complex uses of humor as a tool in their work. The journal both documents and expands on these performances through photographs, substantial essays written in response to the performances, and in-depth interviews with the artists.

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