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A series of exciting announcements

Posted in about this blog, noteworthy, upcoming events with tags , , , on February 23, 2014 by Carol Cheh

Big things are about to transpire at ART! Following two years of neglecting this blog while I pursued other interests, I am returning to it this year with passion and renewed commitment. Over the next few weeks I’ll be rolling out a series of exciting announcements related to the blog’s growth. ART! will soon be expanding to accommodate a greater variety of voices, coverage and material than ever before — which is how it was always meant to be.

For today, I’m just going to drop one teaser announcement that is tangentially related to this blog. Perform Chinatown, LA’s scrappy annual festival of performance art that’s been happening (and covered by this blog) since 2009, will be curated this year by none other than yours truly in partnership with the awesome Chloë Flores. I am super excited to take on this challenge with a friend whose work and vision I totally respect. We’ve already got a bunch of ideas brewing and look forward to conducting an epic series of studio visits as we attempt to put together one of the best Perform Chinatowns ever. Stay tuned for more details!!

And finally, don’t forget that the Performance Now radio show, hosted by myself and John Tain, is still going strong on KCHUNG Radio every third Sunday at 5pm. Check out our most recent show here, an in-depth interview with Rafa Esparza, who we think is one of the most important artists working in LA today.

‘corey marc fogel’ explodes Facebook, then self-destructs. Save ‘corey marc fogel’!

Posted in reviews and commentary with tags , , , , on December 20, 2012 by Carol Cheh
Courtesy Corey Fogel

Courtesy Corey Fogel

Recently I included Chloë Flores’ Facebook residency, in which a different artist occupies the curator’s Facebook identity every month, in my list of 10 “alternatives to the alternative art spaces” on the LA Weekly. These residencies, which are rigorously curated and theorized by Flores, are in essence highly specialized spaces for performance and social practice. Although subversive in nature—especially in the beginning when few were hip to what was going on and thus subject to being “punked” by the fake Flores—the residency does have a few strict rules that can’t be broken: the settings can’t be changed, i.e. the page must remain public at all times; the About page, which explains the project, can’t be altered; and the password can’t be given out, so as to avoid unwanted hacking. In principle, everything on the page could be deleted by any of the participating artists, but so far no one has decided to go the Erased de Kooning route.

This past week, artist/musician Corey Fogel completely exploded the social media occupation model by granting admin privileges on his fan page, corey marc fogel, to 1,000 of his unsuspecting Facebook friends. Rampant chaos, alarm, and merriment ensued. Some, believing that their friend’s account had been hacked, valiantly attempted to delete the page. Others, understanding that it was a prank/performance/random action, played along, repeatedly saving the page from deletion, messing with its various controls, and running wild with the corey marc fogel identity.

For a couple of days, users’ newsfeeds were overrun by embarrassing cmf status updates, cranky demands for removal, and references to the über-meta nature of what was going on—some people posted screen shots of themselves as cmf responding to other posts from cmf, and so on. One ingenious interloper even got blogger Geoff Tuck to allow all cmf postings to show up as part of his Twitter feed, further complicating the identity stew.

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