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Faüxmish, Human Resources, Chinatown, September 2, 2011

Posted in reviews and commentary with tags , , , , , , , , on September 4, 2011 by Carol Cheh

Faüxmish (L to R: Doug Harvey,
Marnie Weber, and Dani Tull)

Following the epic retirement of the Spirit Girls at Mountain View Cemetery and Mausoleum almost a year ago, evergreen punk gamine Marnie Weber has moved on to her newest venture—an Amish-themed noise band collaboration with fellow artist musicians Doug Harvey and Dani Tull, stylishly named Faüxmish.

Why an Amish noise band, you might ask? Oh why not, Weber would say. It was something that didn’t yet exist in the world, therefore it needed to come into being. The band’s press release further elucidates: “Faüxmish is a Los Angeles art-rock supergroup that came together over a shared engagement with American spiritual sects who remove themselves from established social norms and create their own culture as outsiders.”

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