Performance tips this weekend

Once again, there are a bunch of cool things happening this weekend that I feel compelled to inform you of.

FRIDAY NIGHT. Paul and Damon McCarthy open Rebel Dabble Babble at The Box. Go to this instead of the MOCA thing. Then, go check out an evening of recent choreographic works by Jil Stein, Alexa Weir, Samantha Goodman and Rebeca Hernandez at Pieter.

SATURDAY NIGHT. Danielle Adair, fresh off a successful performance and video presentation at Monte Vista Projects, will present a new spoken word piece, with musical accompaniment by Kelly Coats and Kathleen Kim (performing as SheKhan), as part of Eve Fowler’s residency at One Colorado in Pasadena. In a feat of last-minute resourcefulness, visiting New York artist Liz Magic Laser will present Preview, a brief but powerful performance, as part of her opening at Various Small Fires. And, please try to support our beloved LA Municipal Art Gallery by coming out for EAT. DRINK. ART., a multimedia extravaganza that will feature the work of many wonderful artists.

MONDAY NIGHT. Return to Pieter for another evening of experimental dance with niv Acosta, a transgender artist based in Brooklyn.

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  1. Hi Carol, wow, I’m unfamiliar with Pieter, sounds like they do some very engaging programming there. Thanks so much for all your preview info!

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