Notes on Performance

November 22, 2011

I think we can safely say now that the LA art scene is flourishing on many different levels, and that performance is firmly embedded in its fabric. Artists commonly utilize a variety of media to realize their works, and many of the most intriguing projects I have discussed on this blog collage elements of performance, ritual, painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, social practice, and so on. I still think it’s important to document performative art events in Los Angeles, as they happen with such frequency and in the blink of an eye and are so easily forgotten in the endless tumble of culture that happens here. But I now see the LA art scene as a broad spectrum of open-ended explorations of every kind, and I see this blog less as a didactic exercise and more as a trace of my own sprawling, subjective, and imperfect engagement with some of its more performative elements. This is just one framed set of particular adventures in a city rife with adventures, narratives, and gestures.

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